The study published in Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry evaluated the effects of Silybum Marianum Oil Extraction Byproduct (SMOEB) supplementation on the performance and physiological parameters of broiler chickens. The findings revealed promising results regarding the potential benefits of SMOEB in poultry nutrition.

One notable observation from the study was the low mortality rate, which remained below 3% across all groups without significant differences. Additionally, there were no significant differences in feed conversion ratio (FCR) between the treatment groups, indicating comparable growth performance. Interestingly, the supplementation of SMOEB led to notable changes in the length of the duodenum, jejunum, and cecum in broilers. Specifically, broilers fed with SMOEB at varying levels exhibited increased lengths of these gastrointestinal segments compared to the control group.

This suggests a potential positive impact of SMOEB on gut health and nutrient absorption in broiler chickens. Moreover, the study highlights the immunomodulatory properties of milk thistle, the source of SMOEB, which can support the immune system through its potent antioxidant effects and direct modulation of immune cells.

This underscores the multifaceted benefits of SMOEB supplementation in promoting overall health and well-being in broiler chickens. In light of these findings, Heptogin Forte, a product formulated with SMOEB derived from milk thistle (Silymarin), offers poultry farmers a promising solution for enhancing the performance and health of their flocks. By incorporating Heptogin Forte into poultry diets, farmers can potentially optimize gut health, improve nutrient absorption, and bolster immune function, ultimately leading to better outcomes in poultry production.